Curriculum Vitae

Senator Pete Campos



Pete Campos, EdD

418 Raynolds Avenue

Las Vegas, New Mexico  87701

(505) 425-0508 (home phone)

petecampos(at) (email)  (website)

Professional Licenses

License Number: 236863 – New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED): [PRE-K-12 Administrative], expires June 30, 2025: [PRE-K School Counselor], expires June 30, 2029: [6-12 Secondary], expires June 30, 2029.


2014 Luna Community College Self-Study

Luna Community College PEAQ Reaffirmation Action Letter

Dr. Pete Campos to retire from Luna Community College

Luna Community College

July 2008 to June 2015                       President


Served as chief executive officer of the college.  Administered and provided daily oversight of all institutional programs and projects; implemented board policies, new initiatives and essential services to students, faculty, support staff the community; supervised and managed personnel; directed efficient and relevant utilization of physical resources; and, provided direction through clear decision making, strategic planning and the energetic supervision necessary for effective administration of the institution.

Recommended and carried out: 1) an organization (organizational chart) updated as needed that focused on student success and faculty and staff appropriateness; 2) the employment and assignment of all administrative personnel; 3) the employment and management of all instructional personnel; 4) the employment and best practices direction of all physical plant and support services personnel; 5) the maintenance and proper operation of all equipment, buildings and other property such as streets, curb, gutter, and parking lots; 6) the acquisition of vacant land for future development; and, 7) the overall use of college properties and programs for public benefit.

Set standards for operation processes, professionalism, integrity and ethics; determined, through shared governance, the mission of the college and how it would meet the educational needs of all learners and community members; exercised reasoned control and discretion over the college organization to maximize effective operations; hired, assigned, directed, promoted, transferred, retained, removed, suspended, demoted, discharged or took other disciplinary action as needed through a human resource and legal process to ensure every employee was treated fairly.

Determined and administered the methods and means by which college operations were conducted; initiated strategies and actions to carry out the functions of the college and maintained uninterrupted service to students, faculty, support staff, and the community.

Some Accomplishments

  • Letter dated March 18, 2015 to Dr. Pete Campos – Luna Community College: Reaffirmation of Accreditation 2024-2025 – Higher Learning Commission – A Commission of the North Central Association
  • Luna Community College – Wrote (always with the assistance of others) the institutional Self-Study for the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools – 2014. For review of the self-study go to com
  • Aligned Luna’s curriculum and improved course academic rigor and program transferability
  • Increased the number of highly qualified vocationally certified, masters and PhD/EdD degreed instructors and administrators
  • Maintained college stability during my seven (7) year tenure
  • Implemented the Luna Light – the official college weekly newsletter – that captured student life and provided a full-color and evidenced based document with accurately written articles to keep students, faculty, support staff, parents or guardians, community members, NM legislators, state wide elected and appointed officials, and others informed of student progress and college activity and development
  • Improved the Human Resources (HR) process to select highly qualified individuals for college level positions
  • Updated and aligned Board of Trustees and administrative operating policies and procedures to comply with the New Mexico Community College Act
  • Maintained timely and clean college audits
  • Updated college master and strategic plans
  • Supported student-based college organizations to ensure maximized student investment, involvement and success
  • Strengthened the LCC Foundation which provides student scholarships and during the course of seven years grew the fund from a few thousand dollars to nearly $1 million and established a structure to ensure the fund is maintained in perpetuity
  • Set the process in motion towards a Banner system which is used by the majority of New Mexico Colleges and universities
  • Earned admission into the Western Junior College Athletic Conference for men’s baseball and women’s softball
  • Weathered the economic downturn that began in 2008 without furloughs or laying off employees
  • Earned recognition nationally for low tuition rates and quality nationally accredited academic and vocational programs
  • Earned National Accreditation for the School of Nursing in February 2011
  • Upgraded the campus-wide technology (voice, video and data) system
  • Moved forward with capital outlay projects to: improve the vocational facilities that includes a new auto collision training center, replace roofs throughout the main and satellite campuses, construct the first phase of a Media Education Center, build a wellness center at the Santa Rosa satellite, make HVAC improvements to the Springer satellite, improve infrastructure that includes domestic and fire safety water delivery, improve landscapes and purchase state-of-the-art equipment
  • Secured Title V; Youthbuild; Science Technology Engineering, Math, and Health (STEMH); Early College High School; and, other grants that focused on student success in the areas of online education, a nurse simulation lab, home construction, STEMH related degrees, CDL Class A training for truck drivers, concurrent enrollment for high school students making the transition to college while in high school and several other areas of instruction and vocational certifications
  • Initiated and secured the funds for a three year $1.5 million plus initiative focused on student retention, completion, and career opportunities and outcomes

Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Other Characteristics 

  • Experience, knowledge and skill in improving organizational functions
  • Experience, knowledge and skill in minimizing organizational liability
  • Knowledge of advanced budget development and financial administration
  • Knowledge of adult learning theory and curriculum
  • Knowledge of counseling, guidance, and advising methods and techniques
  • Knowledge of management, supervision, and coaching principles and practices
  • Skill in the development, administration, and evaluation of academic programs and administrative and operational functions of colleges and universities
  • Skill in directing and managing multiple functional areas with conflicting needs, demands, and priorities
  • Skill in leading and managing personnel and maximizing the efficient use of physical resources
  • Skill in the use of standard office equipment, including personal computer and standard office software
  • Highly thoughtful, insightful, and visionary ability to think about, prioritize, and plan to address issues that affect human function, organizations, and quality delivery of services

Service to New Mexico Highlands University

1991 – Present

  • 31 years – Conferred with six university presidents (Dr. Gilbert Sanchez, Mr. Selimo Rael, Dr. Jim Fries, Dr. Sharon Caballero, Mr. Manny M. Aragon and Dr. Sam Minner) re: operational budgets, capital outlay projects and other private and program funding for fundraising and federal projects like the renovation of Ilfeld Auditorium and Upward Bound.
  • 2016 – Served as the NMHU Commencement Speaker: “Embrace Your Journey”
  • 2 years – Served as an ex-officio member of the President’s Administrative Council. The council included: the President, Vice-President for Academics and Strategic Planning, Dean of Students, athletic Director, Facilities and Maintenance Director and Public Relations Director.
  • 31 years – Guest lecturer (at the invitation of professors, program directors, and deans) for numerous classes in the areas of business, education, political science, administration, and social work. Subject areas: health care/Medicaid, early childhood education, bilingual/dual language, university/public school budgets and administration, educational leadership and global policy issues particularly related to economics, health care, and education.
  • Initiated funding for the establishment of (worked closely with Dr. Paul Martinez and Dr. James Alarid) and continue to support development of the Center for the Education and Study of Diverse Populations (CESDP). This program is crucial to the educational success of students entering NMHU.
  • 22 years – Supported funding for Upward Bound through the New Mexico State Legislature. This program was crucial to the educational success of students entering NMHU.
  • Initiated and continue to annually support funding for the Engaging Latino Communities for Education (ENLACE) program. This program is crucial to the educational success of students entering NMHU.
  • 31 years – Have and continue to serve as master of ceremonies and guest speaker for university and community related events on the campus of NMHU. The events range from 2016 NMHU graduation commencement speaker, an annual 4th of July Fiesta Queen “La Reina” Pageant to Celebrating Community (an important activity that brought the leaders of NMHU, Las Vegas, and all clubs and organizations together to celebrate their volunteer work on behalf of the community).  Portrayed a key legislative character, along with President Gilbert Sanchez, and enacted the beginning of NMHU.  This enactment and 100th year anniversary celebration took place on the NMHU campus and at the New Mexico State Capitol.
  • Served as the representative from the New Mexico Senate on the Legislative Finance Committee to analyze, provide advice, guide, and review progress made concerning university fiscal matters during the tenure of three presidents.
  • 31 years – Have and continue to provide university students the opportunity to work during legislative sessions and develop a better understanding of the legislative process. Also, to work with university student leaders so they may experience the process of preparing legislation, from the development of an idea or need to its introduction then following it through until it becomes law, and if the law contains an appropriation, how to expend the appropriation funds.
  • 31 years – Meet regularly with faculty/staff/students re: personal and job related issues.
  • 31 years – Work with area school superintendents and high school principals, particularly in the northeastern quadrant of our state re: post-secondary education issues affecting graduating seniors. Through recent years because of bridge and other scholarship offerings and major courses of study, many students from the region have chosen to attend UNM and NMSU.
  • Traveled to New York, California, Oklahoma, and other states to present the New Mexico Higher Education mission and observe other state’s higher education initiatives. I did this as a legislator and representative of the New Mexico Commission of Higher Education – NMCHE (under Dr. Bruce Hamlett).
  • Secured initial commitments from key private-sector companies to make significant contributions to the NMHU School of Business and the “H” Club (alumni club supporting the NMHU athletic department). Secured several commitments from Native American governments operating gaming casinos to earmark funding to establish a gaming addiction rehabilitation center on the campus of NMHU.
  • 31 years – Help secure grants and direct appropriations from the New Mexico State Legislature and state agencies for numerous university departments and student focused projects. Two examples: $200,000 for the School of Business to gather and validate data re: Old Route 66 and $50,000 for the Flagship of Diversity.
  • 31 years – Work closely with our federal political delegation to enhance NMHU. One example: coordinated – with former NM United States Senator Pete Domenici – to secure and release the state and federal funds for the construction and equipping of the NMHU Ivan Hilton Science and Technology Building.
  • 31 years – Serve as a positive role model for students. To practice a good work ethic, be responsible, counsel and encourage students to help them obtain access to career opportunities.
  • Continue to advocate for and secure funding to improve the NMHU main campus, satellite facilities, and infrastructure. I apply my lifetime of experiences, education, and expertise to plan, secure funding, and ensure capital asset improvements are made as timely, responsibly, and efficiently as possible.
  • Serve as a guest speaker on campus for administrative conferences, teacher and student fairs, and student and parent consortium.


Dissertation: “An Archival Review and Analysis of the New Mexico State Senate Capital Outlay Distribution Process and Transformative Possibilities”

Some Literature Reviews, Publications, Presentations and Surveys (1999-2003).  2004-Present publications can be found at under news center (op-eds).

  • “Forging Our Future,” Robertson High School Graduation, Las Vegas, NM 2003
  • “It Takes Many Talented Citizens to Make a Community, County, State and Country Successful,” Association of Counties State Conference, Las Vegas, NM 2002
  • “Connections in Pedagogy,” Las Vegas City Schools, Las Vegas, NM 2001
  • “Patching the Potholes Along the Super Highway to a Higher Education,” New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM 2001
  • “Stimulate New Mexico’s Economy and Confidence with Local Projects,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM 2001
  • “Adult Education Changes Lives, One Student at a Time,” 18th Annual NM High School/GED Graduation, Alamogordo, NM 2001
  • “Motivating People to Think with a Vision for our Children’s Well-Being,” Las Vegas City Schools, Las Vegas, NM 2000
  • “Developing a Model for Technology and Critical Capital Outlay Methods that Work,” New Mexico School Boards Association, Clayton, NM 2000
  • “Following a Chartered Course and Striving for Excellence,” Las Vegas City Schools, Las Vegas, NM 2000
  • “Model 2000: A Commitment of Communication, Empowerment, Accountability, Efficiency, Focus and Measureable Results,” Las Vegas City Schools, Las Vegas, NM 2000
  • A Review of the Literature: “To Develop a New Legislative Capital Outlay Process to Distribute Funds to Plan, Design and Construct or Remodel Public Facilities,” Cohort IV, Albuquerque, NM 2000
  • “A Policy Scan,” Cohort IV, Albuquerque, NM 2000
  • Diversity, Education, Technology and Self: “DETS We Owe the Next Generation,” 29th Annual Southwest Association of Student Assistance Programs (SWASAP), Albuquerque, NM 2000
  • Generation X: “The Workforce of the Future,” Learning Styles and Needs, Cohort IV, Albuquerque, NM 1999
  • Robertson High School – Campus Construction, Remodeling and Expansion: “Student Survey,” Las Vegas City Schools, Las Vegas, NM 1999
  • “Thoughts and Communication,” New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM 1999
  • EduCard: “Looking Through a Focused Lens,” Cohort IV, Albuquerque, NM 1999
  • “Change,” New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM 1999

Other Professional Employment

April 2004 to June 2008                                 Las Vegas City Schools Superintendent

Las Vegas City Schools Associate Superintendent

of Support Services

February 2004 to March 2004                        LVCS Acting Superintendent

December 2003 to February 2004                  LVCS Interim Superintendent

and two other periods

(From February 2004 through June 2008 performed responsibilities of Superintendent

and Associate Superintendent for Support Services simultaneously)


  • Implemented board of education policies
  • Served as chief professional advisor to the board of education regarding matters pertaining to the education and business of the school district
  • Submitted periodical reports to the board of education regarding the status of the district
  • Directed personnel and defined their job duties
  • Advised administrators, instructors, and support personnel regarding issues that benefited the evolving instructional program and make the operation of the schools within the district more effective
  • Devised professional development training for staff in all disciplines
  • Prescribed which records and reports would appropriately be generated and kept within the district
  • Conducted data mining, inventories, and surveys to provide up-to-date data identifying school needs and direction
  • Approved requisitions for purchases and encumbrances within the limits of the budget adopted by the board of education
  • Examined and approved contracts and other documents to which the board of education is a party
  • Exercised authority to decide matters of detail that were purely administrative in nature that arose for which no specific provision appeared in the policies of the district in the interest of efficient administration; and reported those decisions at the next regular or special meeting of the board of education
  • Prescribed, subject to existing state laws and approval of the board of education, such courses of study, textbooks, and other materials that were best suited for use in the schools of the district
  • Scheduled appointments with individuals desiring to discuss matters pertaining to the school system, with or without an appointment
  • Kept informed of educational trending and progress throughout the nation and of the best practices in school business operations; and kept in close contact with appropriate educational organizations throughout the state and nation
  • Prepared the annual budget, to be presented to the board of education with written justification and fund operations according to standard school accounting practices
  • Prepared the execution of contracts for all personnel for final approval by the board of education
  • Performed all tasks focused on student success and employee well-being as assigned by the board of education

August 1993 to June 2008                              Associate Superintendent for Support Services

Las Vegas City Schools

(12-01-03 to June 30, 2008 – continued to fulfill these and Superintendent’s duties – when assigned – simultaneously)

  • Secured and coordinated the efficient use of over $33 million from 13 funding sources during a 15 year period to renovate all school district facilities to conform with health, safety, accessibility, and general student and staff comfort standards
  • Secured and coordinated the use of over $7.5 million from 3 funding sources (federal, state and local) to develop a technology command center (Cardinal Command Center), transformed the entire technology program that included new high speed fiber optic infrastructure, state-of-the-art hardware, software, telecommunications, and oversaw its complete maintenance and operation
  • Originated and coordinated highly technical facilities, maintenance and technology “living” master plans that included community, staff, and student involvement
  • Originated and coordinated a technical master plan that became the blueprint for a professional development district
  • Supervised support services personnel and the following departments: technology, telecommunications, student and staff bus and vehicle transportation, buildings and grounds maintenance, and custodial and food services
  • Expanded the high school athletic complex that included a football fieldhouse, weight room, track, tennis courts, softball and soccer fields, bleacher seating for 3500 persons, a concession stand, and restroom facilities

Special Assignments

  • Acting Superintendent during serious illnesses of two superintendents
  • Devised and successfully implemented a plan to recover from a significant budget deficit
  • Represented the school district and developed the district’s defense for personnel and personal injury litigation
  • Coordinated and prepared timelines, validated research based data and formulated detailed responses that led to district accreditation
  • Developed and followed through on audit findings through an action plan
  • Prepared and presented district budgets to State Department of Education
  • Developed curriculum framework in preparation for district accreditation
  • Revised requisition and procurement process

1986-1990                                                       Mayor – City of Santa Rosa

  • Oversaw daily operations and personnel
  • Worked with community members, personnel and city councilors to develop annual budgets
  • Developed intricate master plans for community infrastructure, economic development, parks and recreation, junior and senior water rights preservation and acquisition, landscaping, emergency preparedness, and public safety
  • Secured over $4.5 million for community projects that included: a National Guard armory, a wastewater treatment plant, an airport crosswind runway, a community center, street improvements, and the main and ancillary domestic waterline upgrades and expansions
  • Developed an assertive community promotions program that included: an effective series of attractive roadrunner and rose logos depicting the recreational attractions in the community, television commercials, radio spots and programs such as “de Colores de Santa Rosa on KNMX Radio,” feature articles and art ready advertisements for state and nationally syndicated newspapers and magazines, a four color brochure, a highly illustrated community attractions map and numerous souvenir items such as postcards, lapel pins, and license plates

1983                                                                Administrative Assistant

Office of the New Mexico State Auditor

  • Supervised office personnel and daily operations
  • Directed office management, employee protocol, and reorganization
  • Developed and successfully defended the office operational budget before the legislative finance and House of Representatives and Senate appropriations committees
  • Represented and spoke on behalf of the State Auditor at functions across the state
  • Worked closely with office personnel and independent public accountants (IPA’s) to coordinate statewide annual audits, to return audits to public entities in a timely manner, and help the governmental sectors audited layout a plan of action to address findings and improve their overall operations and service to the constituents they served

1978-1982                                                       High School Counselor

Santa Rosa Consolidated Schools

  • Personal and academic counselor and registrar for high school and migrant students
  • Coordinated the district testing program that included all levels of competency exams
  • Coordinated scholarship and student loan processes, fundraising and awarding of public and private scholarships to graduating seniors
  • Served as student activities announcer, student council sponsor, and acting athletic director
  • Served as a state student council executive committee member, state student council summer leadership camp coordinator and instructor, and sponsor of first 2A school that hosted the state student council convention (1981)
  • Served as curriculum coordinator
  • Served as acting principal
  • Served as teacher for at-risk students
  • Some Early Legislative Highlights
    • Introduced and passed legislation ranging from a 1991 law that allows government employees to run for non-partisan offices such as school boards and city councils to asking the state department of education, through a 1993 memorial, to study the feasibility of statewide full-day kindergarten.
    • Introduced transformational legislation during the 2001 legislative session in the areas of technology, capital outlay, economic development, and health care
    • Have successfully helped governmental officials and concerned individuals, in incorporated and non-incorporated communities within Senate District 8, secure funding for programs, facilities, and infrastructure
    • Serve on the Legislative Finance Committee and the Senate Finance Committee where we review and develop, work closely with members of the senate, house of representatives, state agencies, constituent groups, and the governor, on an annual $6 billion plus budget to operate state government
    • Been a strong advocate for New Mexico Highlands University. Some early senate career sponsored capital improvements, operations and program expansion legislation.  For example: was instrumental in securing over $15 million in major funding and statewide bond language to repair, renovate, expand, or build such facilities as the John A. Wilson Complex, Victoria D. de Sanchez Teacher Education Center, Thomas C. Donnelly Library, Douglas Building, and the Science Technology Building.  Additionally, secured $2.7 million for infrastructure renovation and expansion and $4.6 million for the science and technology building (voter approved – November, 2002), $300 thousand for Spanish language faculty, $30 thousand to restore the Center for the Education and Study of Diverse Populations (CESDP) and Upward Bound Program funding (the only state to provide annual financial support for this federally funded program), $20 thousand to fund ENLACE, $750 thousand (Governor Bill Richardson) for sports complex, $50 thousand for game room equipment and (contingent upon voter approval in November, 2004) $2.5 million for dorm improvements, $400 thousand for infrastructure improvements, $3 million for Science building and annex renovations.
    • Initiated and successfully sought funding with the guidance of Dr. Jim Alarid and Dr. Paul Martinez, for the Center for the Education and Study of Diverse Populations (CESDP) based at New Mexico Highlands University. Appropriated, for example: in the state general appropriations act above the funding formula, $224,000 for the 2002-2003 FY and $750,000 for the 2003-2004 FY to assist with NMHU operational deficits.  Appropriated NMHU seed money to plan and design: a CESDP center, Early Childhood Center, a Soccer Field, and a 9 hole golf course addition – then secured the funds to build the Gene Torres Golf Course.
    • Sponsored capital outlay legislation and was successful in securing funding for: the Abe Montoya Recreational Center in Las Vegas; the Guadalupe County Correctional Facility (a 600 bed medium prison facility); the Bosque Redondo Memorial Project in Fort Sumner; the state’s only warm water fish hatchery, rearing station, and educational center in Santa Rosa; and, the Behavioral Health Care Institute – Meadows Long-Term Care Facility (over $50 million).
    • Known for working rigorously to ensure that the constituents of Senate District 8 have their public infrastructure, programs and services addressed. Refer to a Capital Outlay list for a 10 year period to view some of the initiatives funded.  Go to com.

2006 Capital Outlay Appropriations for NMHU

  • $500,000 STB     Land & Improvements
  • $3,000,000 GOB   Burris Hall Renovate
  • $3,000,000 GOB   Felix Martinez Building
  • $4,500,000 GOB   Student Services Center

2005    Capital Outlay Appropriations for NMHU

  • $1,000,000 STB     Student Services Center
  • $1,550,000 GF       Acquisition, Construction, & Improvements

2004 Capital Outlay Appropriations for NMHU

  • $50,000 STB     Game Room Equipment
  • $750,000 GF       Sports Complex

2003 Capital Outlay Appropriations for NMHU

  • $2,150,000 STB     Dorms/Cafeteria/Bookstore/Student Union Renovation
  • $35,000 STB     Early Childhood Center
  • $50,000 GF       CESDP Plan & Design

2002    Capital Outlay Appropriations for NMHU

  • $40,000 STB     Alumni Hall of Honor

Professional and Community Affiliations

Current Memberships

  • Alta Vista Regional Hospital of Las Vegas, New Mexico – Board of Trustees
  • Community First Bank of Las Vegas, New Mexico – Board of Directors
  • Knights of Columbus – Fourth Degree
  • National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)

25 years                                                           Self-Employed

Family Businesses

  • Restaurant co-owner with parents
  • Hired and supervised personnel
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner: recipe and food preparation and menu design
  • Managed payroll, budget, purchasing, insurance, investments, payment of taxes, and all other aspects of the business
  • Coordinated commercial and residential property sales and development with my parents
  • Trained in real estate law and practices

Public Service

1991 to Present                                               New Mexico State Senator – District 8

Current Counties: Colfax, Guadalupe, Harding, Mora, Quay, San Miguel and Taos

Elected [November 6, 1990]

Leadership: Majority Party Caucus Chair [1993-1996]

  • Conducted regular policy scans to present applicable issues to the caucus for discussion, potential legislation, and prioritization
  • Coordinated majority party fundraising activities and statewide activities
  • Managed leadership account during this period

Standing Committees
Committees’ Committee, member [1996-2000, 2013-2020]
Conservation Committee, member [1993-1996]
Majority Party Caucus Chair [1993-1996],[2019]
Committees’ Committee member [1993-1996, 2013-2016],[2020]
Education Committee, member [1991-1992]
Finance Committee, member [1997-2022]
Judiciary Committee, member [1991-1992]
Rules Committee, co-chair [1999-2000], vice-chair [1997-1998]
Select Gaming Committee, member [1995-1996]
Ways and Means Committee, vice-chair [1995-1996], member [1993-1994]
Interim Committees
Capital Outlay Committee, advisory member [1994]
Committee on Compacts, member [2013-2014]
Energy, Natural Resources and Environment Committee, member [1991-1992]
Funding Formula Study Task Force, advisory member [2005-2007]
Information Technology and Telecommunications Oversight Committee, advisory member [2007-2008]
Information Technology Oversight Committee, advisory member [2005-2006]
Interim Legislative Ethics Committee, member [1994-2020]
Investments and Pensions Oversight Committee, advisory member [2006-2008], member [7-2016] replacing Senator Bill Soules
Jobs Council [7-2016] replacing Senator Mimi Stewart
Legislative Council, member [1997-2000, 2005-2008, 2019-2020], special advisory member [2009-2018], advisory member [1993-1996]
Legislative Council Subcommittee: Legislative Website, member [2002]
Legislative Education Study Committee, advisory member [1991-1992]
Legislative Ethics Committee, member [1993]
Legislative Finance Committee, member [1999-2002, 2005-2016]
New Mexico Finance Authority Oversight Committee, chair [2001-2002], vice-chair [1997, 2003], member [1993-1994, 2004], advisory member [1995-1996, 1998-2000, 2005-2008]
Public School Transportation Task Force, advisory member [1994]
Radioactive and Hazardous Materials Committee, vice-chair [1992], member [1991, 1993-1996]
Retirement Systems Solvency Task force, member [2009-2010]
Science, Technology, Energy and Defense Conversion Committee, vice-chair [1993-1994], member [1995-1996]
Senate Rules Committee, chair [1999-2000], vice-chair [1998]
State Permanent Fund Task force, advisory member [2005]
Teacher Merit Pay Task Force, member [1999]
Water and Natural Resources Committee, advisory member [2013-2020], member [2021-2022]
Committee on Compacts [2015-2016]
Some Legislative Highlights (always with the help of colleagues and constituents)

Past Memberships

  • Center for Policy Alternatives – Washington, D.C.
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Council to advance Math and Science Education
  • Economic Development Corporation
  • First National Bank of Tucumcari with branches in Santa Rosa and Las Vegas – Director
  • National Education Association (NEA) – New Mexico
  • New Farms – Director and Advisory Board
  • New Mexico Amigos – ambassador group that promotes NM across the country
  • New Mexico Activities Association – Board of Directors
  • New Mexico Coalition of School Administrators
  • New Mexico School Superintendent’s Association
  • New Mexico State Board of Education – Council on Technology in Education (CTE) 2002-2006
  • New Mexico Task Force on Crime (1993) – governor appointed
  • Northeast Regional Educational Cooperative
  • Northeastern Regional Hospital Foundation Board
  • Northern New Mexico Network for Rural Education
  • Rotary Club
  • Santa Rosa Greater Council on Alcoholism
  • UNM Alumni Association – Director
  • Wells Fargo Bank – Las Vegas Leadership Advisory Council
  • Wells Fargo – Director and Advisory Board
  • Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) – Legislation Advisory Committee

Position Papers, OP-Eds and Press Releases

Over 200 position papers, op-eds and press releases published statewide.  I use this venue as a pedagogical approach to inform people of issues affecting their lives.  These are research-based, personal experience or opinion oriented reports.  For more position papers, op-eds and press releases go to

The following are some of those publications:

  • “Health Care for Everyone Benefits Everyone of Us,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2008
  • “Cooperation, Communication and Coordination Key to Legislative Session Success,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2008
  • “Governor Richardson and Legislature Drive Bipartisan Agenda,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2007
  • “Constantly Working on Transformation in the Legislature,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2007
  • “Las Vegas, New Mexico: A Community that Provides Significant State Services,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2007
  • “Budget and Tax Package Would Help New Mexicans,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2007
  • “Bipartisan Support is Necessary for Our State’s Progressive Future,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2007
  • “Tax Cuts and Tax Credits are Important to Taxpayers,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2007
  • “Local Economy Bolstered by State Support,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM 2007
  • “Time is Right for Legislative Reform,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2007
  • “Ethics Reform Deserves Support,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2007
  • “State Resources Can Teach Children Character,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2007
  • “Hopes and Dreams Can Be Reached,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2006
  • “Different Strategic Approach for 2007 Session Needed,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2006
  • “More Money for ’07, Higher Costs in ’08 and Meeting Important Needs,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2006
  • “Tomorrow’s Leaders Must be Nurtured Today,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2006
  • “Balance and Understanding of Each Other’s Situation in Life Essential,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2006
  • “Senator Pete Campos, a transformational leader in an ever changing society,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2006
  • “Creating the Highest Goals and Strategies for Highlands University,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2006
  • “Voters Have a Chance to Move New Mexico Forward,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2006
  • “Public Safety Professions Deserve Our Respect, Support,” State senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2006
  • “Special Education Funding In an Ideal World, a full funding Solution,” State senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2006
  • “Financial Relief Coming for New Mexicans,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2006
  • “Pork Important to State,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2006
  • “When Less is Less,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2006
  • “Budget Process Messy but Important,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2006
  • “legislative Session Brings Unprecedented Opportunities, Responsibilities,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2006
  • “New Mexico Has Golden Opportunity to Improve Infrastructure and Process,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2006
  • “Public Safety is Government’s Number One Responsibility,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2005
  • “Planning and Priorities are Critical to Good Capital Outlay Process,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2005
  • “Our Commitment to Our Community and Our Children: The Choice is Ours,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2005
  • “Health Care Systems Critical,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2005
  • “More Money Can Mean Tough Decisions,” State Senator, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2005
  • “New Mexico Highlands University Has Bright Future,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2004
  • “Revenue Enhancements, Savings Are Key to Health Care and Education,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2004
  • “Education Make a Difference One Life at a Time,” State Senate, District 8, Las Vegas, NM, 2004
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Major Accomplishments

  • Selected as a Flemming Fellow (1994) – One of 35 emerging leaders selected from across the nation for participation in a rigorous policy immersion program geared to offer solutions to states’ problems. This program is based in Washington, D.C.
  • Selected as a Toll Fellow (1992) – One of 35 emerging leaders selected from across the nation for participation in a rigorous policy immersion program geared to offer solutions to states’ problems. This program is based in Lexington, Kentucky.
  • Past president of major community organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce (1981) and the Rotary Club (1982), past grand knight and district deputy of the Knights of Columbus and chairperson of the Santa Rosa Consolidated Schools Educational Planning Committee, the Santa Rosa Tourism Promotion Board, the Santa Rosa Days annual Community Celebration (1980), and the Santa Rosa Lake and Dam Dedication (1980).
  • Recipient of hundreds of plaques and certificates of recognition from students to community and organization leaders for my work on behalf of the organizations they represent.
  • Accomplished educator and administrator, mayor, state senator, businessperson, and community leader.
  • Ordained a permanent deacon for the Archdiocese of Santa Fe on July 10, 2010 at Immaculate Conception Church (Father George V. Salazar, Pastor) in Las Vegas, New Mexico by Michael J. Sheehan, Archbishop Emeritus of Santa Fe. The diaconate process entailed: vetting, 4 years of formal training and instruction (formation) and ordination.  The process since ordination includes ongoing training and instruction and service to the people of the church and community.

Abilities and Interests

Strategic and Time Sensitive Planning; Ethics; Transformational Leadership; Budget and Revenue Management; Technology Development; Educational Administration; Personnel and Organizational Management and Relations; Group Process; Inquiry and Leadership for Quality Teaching and Learning; Multi-Method Research; Education Reform; Program, Curriculum, and Instructional Analysis and Advancement; Inclusion, Disability, and Diversity; Data Mining and Disaggregation; Alternative Assessments; Conflict Resolution and Resiliency; Collective Bargaining; Economic Development and Tourist and Visitor Promotion; Leadership and Education Model Development; Survey Development, Implementation, and Data Use; Support Services; Health and Wellness; Undertake and Successfully Complete Multi-Faceted Assignments; and Facility and Infrastructure Inventory, Planning, Construction, Retrofitting, Remodeling, and Maintenance.